Steca PA CAB1 Tarcom, Data cable
The Steca PA CAB1 Tarcom data cable is used to connect a Steca Tarom or Steca Power Tarom solar charge controller to a PC via an USB port. This allows direct monitoring of a system without using a data logger. This feature is especially suitable for short-term system monitoring and on-site testing. The most important system information is transferred to the PC in real time and can be conveniently analysed and graphically visualised using the Steca TarCom software.

To use this convenient data transfer system a driver and the Steca TarCom software must first be installed on the PC (Download available at

"Tarom RJ45 in“ can be selected under options/settings/extra in the Steca TarCom software menu system. The software then directly accesses the data from the Steca Tarom solar charge controller and displays this on the PC.

Product Features

* Connection cable 1.8 m

* FTDI chip as USB-RS232 converter


* Connection to Steca Tarom via RJ45 plug

* Connection to PC via USB

Installation Software (Windows)

* Steca TarCom PC-Software

* Virtual COM port (byh FTDI driver)

* Driver for FTDI chip (by FTDI driver)

* Configuration of the Steca Tarom for data transfer

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