Steca MDC / MDCI DC-DC voltage converters
DC-DC voltage converters are used when the DC-output voltage of the PV system does not match the requirements of the appliance.

Since a voltage level of 12 V is required for most low-voltage appliances such as lamps, multimedia devices, radios or mobile phones, the various models of the voltage converters deliver a stable supply of 12 V. For instance, if a 12-V energy-saving light is operated in a 24-V or 48-V system, then a suitable DC-DC voltage converter must be inserted between the load output of the charge controller and the 12-V energy-saving light.

The Steca MDC and MDCI voltage converters are designed for use in photovoltaic systems. The models with an output voltage of 13.6 V can also be used as battery chargers for a 12-V battery in a 24-V system.

For safety reasons, the Steca MDCI series is electrically insulated to protect the user. Both the Steca MDCI and the Steca MDC series are protected against high voltage spikes at the input, thus preventing harmful voltage spikes at the input of the loads.

Product Features

* High efficiency

* Automatic detection of voltage

* Wide input voltage range

* Best reliability

Electronic protection functions

* Overtemperature and overload protection

* Reverse polarity protection

* Short circuit protection


* Compliant with European Standards (CE)

* Manufactured according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

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