Steca PA HS200, Shunt
The Steca PA HS200 is a highly intelligent current sensor with extremely low own consumption.

The Steca PA HS200 comes into play when (e.g.) an inverter is directly connected to the battery and the Steca Tarom or Power Tarom charge controller cannot measure the current consumption. A shunt is also required when an additional generator (e.g. PV, wind or diesel) directly charges the battery without being connected to a Steca Tarom charge controller. The current is measured contact-free via a Hall-effect sensor. The data is transmitted to the charge controller over a cable connection. Up to two Steca PA HS200 shunts can be connected and the measured currents can be selectively added to the charging current, battery current or load current as desired.

Product Features

* Automatic detection of voltage

* Wide current measuring range

* Potential free current measurement

* Communicates and stores data in the Steca PA Tarcom

* Integrated Hall sensor


* LED shows operating states

* Messages via Steca Tarom LCD display


* Two RJ45 cable sockets

Modes of operation

* "Battery": measures currents which flow through the battery cable

* "Load": measures currents of external loads not connected to the charge controller

* "Charge": measures currents of back-up generators


* Compliant with European Standards (CE)

* Made in Germany

* Developed in Germany

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