Steca PA Tarcom, Data logger
The Steca PA Tarcom data logger is connected to the RJ45 interface of the Steca Tarom or Power Tarom charge controller, or via the Steca PA HS200.

The data logger is available in several different versions: as a simple RS232 interface to directly save and read data on the PC or Laptop (Steca PA Tarcom 01), as a data logger with an integrated analogue modem (Steca PA Tarcom RMT), as a data logger with an integrated GSM modem for remote monitoring (Steca PA Tarcom GSM) and as a data logger with an Ethernet interface for connection to a PC network (Steca PA Tarcom Ethernet). The Steca PA Tarcom is delivered with its accompanying software.

Product Features

* 4 years maximum storage capacity (1 Mbit)

* Adjustable logging intervals

* Stores 8 data sets at programmed intervals

* Freely programmable alarm states


* LED shows operating states


* RJ45 communication interface to Steca Tarom

* RS232 serial interface to PC

* Analogue sensor input e.g. for radiation or wind speed

* Alarm contact

Tarcom software

* Data transfer by modem or by text message

* Downloads data from the logger to a PC

* List of data sets can be exported to MS-EXCEL

* Graphic visualisation of data sets (values/time)

* Analyzes energy flows (Ah) within a PV hybrid system

* Activation and selection of alarm types

* Setting the interval for calls and for sending text messages

* Configures the telephone number and text message recipient

* Tells the data logger at what time it has to call

* Alarms can be set by text message


* Compliant with European Standards (CE)

* RoHS compliant

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