Steca XPC 1400-12, 2200-24, 2200-48
The Steca XPC series of inverters combine a very high overload capacity with the capability to operate highly critical loads.

Other important features of these high-quality inverters are their powerful device protection and their low own consumption. The Steca XPCs combine a sine wave inverter, four-stage battery charger and transfer system in one device, therefore making them also suitable for hybrid systems. The built-in multifunctional contact enables you, for example, to switch on and off diversion loads for excess power or start a diesel generator to recharge batteries.

Product Features

* True sine wave voltage

* Excellent overload capabilities

* Optimal battery protection

* Automatic load detection

* Best reliability

* Adjustable integrated battery charger

* Can be used as a back-up system or uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

* Multifunction contact

* Ultra-fast transfer relay

Electronic protection functions

* Deep discharge protection

* Battery overvoltage shutdown

* Overtemperature and overload protection

* Short circuit protection

* Reverse polarity protection by internal fuse

* Acoustic alarm at deep discharge or overheating


* 7 LEDs show operating states

- for operation and fault messages


* Main switch

* Adjustable load detection

* Programming by buttons


* Type with 230 V / 60 Hz

* Type with 115 V / 60 Hz

* Model with protective lacquered mainboard

* Protection cover C-IP23 to raise the degree of protection

* Remote control RCC-01

* CFC-01 cable entry for strain relief and protection of connections

* Temperature sensor CT35 to correct the voltage thresholds according to the current battery temperature


* Compliant with European Standards (CE)

* RoHS compliant

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