Steca RCC-02 remote control and display
Lots of information on the status of the system can be retrieved using the graphic display of the Steca RCC-02. Any incidents within the system are also saved and displayed. This means that any problems which might occur are identified early.

Many values of the Steca Xtender can be set using the Steca RCC-02, such as the charging process of the battery charger, the programming of the multifunctional contacts and the various operating modes.

An SD-card slot can be used to save parameters, for transferring data or updating the software.

Product Features


* Multifunction graphical LCD display with backlighting


* Programming by buttons


* Compliant with European Standards (CE)

* RoHS compliant

Cable for RCC-02:

* CAB-RJ45-5 (5 m), CAB-RJ45-20 (20 m), CAB-RJ45-50 (50 m)

* BTS-01 battery temperature sensor (3 m)

This sensor allows the battery voltages to be adjusted to the battery temperature. Communications cable for connecting to the three-phase system or to the parallel connection CAB-RJ45-2 (2 m):
This is used to connect several inverters together to a three-phase system or a system connected in parallel.

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