Seagull 5000
Seagull 5000 delivers high-performance voice and data services in an affordable, robust and user friendly terminal, ensuring that you are always connected throughout Thuraya’s vast coverage area.

Offering security and full control of your operations, with the reliability of Thuraya’s satellite network, Seagull 5000 allows you to make voice calls, transmit/receive data, connect to the internet, or send SMS and email whenever and wherever you are afloat.

Seagull 5000 is an ideal solution for small and medium sized vessels, fishing boats, yachts and other ocean going vessel.
Product Features
Compact and user friendly - Seagull 5000 is easy to install and operate. Providing voice, fax and SMS functions along with optimum data download, internet and email access using GmPRS via its user friendly interface.
Convenient Seagull 5000 features a convenient social calling facility, enabling crew and passengers to stay connected with family and friends, regardless of their location.
Emergency distress button An emergency distress button is available to notify pre-configured contacts during an emergency.
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