XT-DUAL. 1/2 GSM - 1/2 Satellite
 Thuraya XT-DUAL is a dual mode phone that works either in GSM mode (900/1800/1900 MHz) or in Satellite mode.

With Thuraya XT-DUAL you can simply switch between Satellite and GSM modes which gives you highest flexibility to find a network wherever you may go. Thuraya XT-DUAL operates efficiently when you are within the reach of GSM networks and when you move to a location with no GSM coverage you can simply switch to the robust Thuraya satellite network.

 Thuraya XT-DUAL holds an IP64/IK03 ingress protection rating which means the phone is splash water, dust and shock proof and it provides the most advanced features on any satellite enabled handset. The GPS functionality allows waypoint navigation and an included tracking function enables you to automatically transmit your coordinates to monitor your location.

 In addition, with the press of one button, the GPS Emergency Helper can send SMS messages with the current GPS coordinates to predefined numbers in case of an emergency. The Tracking and Emergency functions are important safety features that can be essential in emergency situations.

The phone also uses a battery saving technology to provide a long lasting talk time of up to 11 hours and standby time of up to 160 hours in GSM mode. The advanced outdoor color display allows easy readability even in bright sunlight.

The XT-DUAL contains a High-Penetration-Alerting (HPA) system which allows you to receive incoming calls even in satellite mode when the antenna is retracted. That means you can easily and comfortably put the phone into your pocket knowing that you can still be reached in satellite mode with the HPA system.
Product Features
Networks - Satellite
- GSM tri-band (900/1800/1900 MHz)
Size 139 x 53 x 27 mm (h x w x d)
Weight 211 g
Display 2" (5cm) outdoor color display with brightness sensor
262k colors
GPS - Waypoint navigation
- Emergency SMS
- Tracking capability
Internet Via built-in Internet Micro Browser directly on the phone or via connected laptop/PC
GmPRS Up to 60/15 kbps (download/upload)
Fax and Data 9.6 kbps (Circuit Switched)
Ingress protection IP64/IK03 standard (splash water, dust, shock proof)
Battery talk time In SAT mode: up to 6h
In GSM mode: up to 11h
Battery standby time In SAT mode: up to 60h
In GSM mode: up to 160h
Power Supply 5V / 2A (with EU/UK/CHN/AUS adapters)
External Interfaces USB Data Cable (UDC), Ear Jack, Battery, DC Power
Memory Internal: 320 MB
External: 2 GB Micro SD included
PC compatibility Windows 7/Vista/XP
GSM Roaming More than 300 Roaming partners worldwide
Handsfree operations Via Bluetooth and Earset
Smartphone features Organizer, Calculator, Converter, Stopwatch, World time, PC synchronization, Media Center (Images, Audio files, Video clips), MP3 audio player
Languages English, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, German, Italian, Turkish
Messaging SMS, MMS, e-mail, fax
External programs Java supported
Network features Conference calls, Closed User Group, Fixed Dial Number, Call barring, Call divert etc.
Phone security Via PIN-code and Security code
Product Accessories
Car Charger

The car charger ensures your Thuraya XT-DUAL is never out of power while you are on the move. It provides non-stop operation of your handset by charging your Thuraya XT-DUAL while you drive. The car charger simply plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket, charging your handset using a standard vehicle DC jack.

Travel Charger

Thuraya's Travel Charger with EU/UK/CHN/AUS plug types is a compact device that links your Thuraya XT-DUAL to a mains socket for charging. It can be used regardless of whether the handset is switched off, on standby or during a call. The charging time of a Thuraya XT-DUAL with a fully discharged battery is approximately 2 hours 25 minutes. The exchangeable plugs allow you to charge your Thuraya handset in most parts of the world.

Spare Battery

This works as a back-up battery for your Thuraya XT-DUAL. A freshly charged spare battery extends usage time in areas where you don't have access to electricity. Keeping a spare battery on hand ensures that your Thuraya XT-DUAL is always ready for use. The charging time of a fully discharged Thuraya XT-DUAL battery is approximately 2 hours 25 minutes.

USB Data Cable

The USB data cable is a fast and efficient way to connect your Thuraya XT-DUAL to a PC, enabling you to send and receive data and faxes or upgrade your handset software.

Thuraya SingleRepeater

The Thuraya SingleRepeater is an indoor enabler which allows you to use any Thuraya satellite handset in indoor environments. It provides indoor coverage of up to 100 square meters via an included outdoor antenna that can be rotated to ensure maximum signal strength. The Thuraya Single Repeater is easy to install and supports voice, data/fax, SMS and GmPRS at speeds of up to 60/15 kbps (download/upload). Read more...

Thuraya MultiRepeater

The Thuraya MultiRepeater can handle up to 10 simultaneous calls or data sessions and provides indoor coverage of the Thuraya satellite service of up to 500 square meters via an included outdoor antenna that can be rotated to ensure maximum signal strength. The Thuraya Multi Channel Repeater is easy to install and supports voice, data/fax, SMS and GmPRS at speeds of up to 60/15 kbps (download/upload).