Thuraya PCO
Thuraya PCO-2110 is a satellite-based Public Calling Office, providing a valuable channel of connectivity for people who cannot afford to buy satellite handsets but require telecommunications services. Powerful, versatile and cost-effective, it offers seamless basic and advanced communication services. Using Thuraya PCO-2110, communities that would otherwise be isolated can interact with the rest of the world.

Thuraya PCO-2110 makes voice, fax, data and SMS services available in a user-friendly public telephone service station. Some common areas of application for Thuraya PCO-2110 include rural villages and on-road phone stations, armed forces camps, recreational camping areas, relief zones and archaeological sites.
Product Features
Voice and data You can access voice, fax, data and SMS services using Thuraya PCO-2110. With GmPRS, you can also access mobile internet at speeds of up to 15/60 kbps upload/download.
User-friendly Thuraya PCO-2110 has an LCD display for monitoring call duration and charges, and a bill can be printed after the call with a thermal printer.
Operator service charge The local operator of the Thuraya PCO-2110 can add service charges or taxes, in addition to calling rates.
Languages Thuraya PCO-2110 supports Arabic, English, French, Persian, Russian and Urdu languages.
Product Accessories
Solar Panel

The Thuraya solar panel enables your Thuraya terminal to function in remote or rural areas without access to mains electricity. Using solar power captured through two photovoltaic panels, the solar panel provides an alternate power source. Two cables and controllers are included with the panels.

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