3012 Data Modem
  • High speed

    The 3012 signalling protocol and internal data compression delivers an effective data transfer speed of up to 6,000 bps.

  • Easy to use

    Based on the AT industry standard, the 3012 modem can be used with many commercial software applications to provide email, data logging and remote control applications.

  • Robust signaling

    Codan's advanced error control technology minimizes and eliminates many signal errors including multi-path delay, selective fading, and frequency offset.

  • Friendly software

    The 3012 is supplied with 9102 controller software to enable text and binary file transfer, multi-file transfer and a"chat mode".

  • Cost-effective

    Because HF transmissions are free to air, you can send data without any of the expensive call costs associated with satellite systems.

  • Rugged and reliable

    As with all Codan equipment, the 3012 HF Data Modem is a rugged and reliable unit that thrives in extreme conditions, and comes with a full three year warranty.

  • Addressing modes

    The 3012 can be used for selective, group or broadcast transmissions.

  • ALE ready

    When a Codan transceiver is equipped with Automatic Link Establishment (ALE), the 3012 provides automatic channel selection prior to sending data.

The 3012 HF Data Modem provides fast, reliable and affordable data communications for organisations operating in areas with little or no telecommunications infrastructure.

Product Specifications
  • High-speed data mode

    Selective repeat ARQ Protocol
    2400 bps—16 channels QPSK modulation

  • Link establishment mode

    Proprietary link establishment 80 baud CHIRP

  • Data compression

    In-built data compression

  • Rate of data transfer

    Up to 6000 bps (compressed)
    Up to 1475 bps (uncompressed)

  • Transceiver interface

    9600 baud RS232
    TR.29 based AT port

  • Primary power

    13.5 V DC nominal (250 mA maximum current consumption)
    10.5–15 V DC operating range

  • Temperature

    0°C to +55°C operating (–40°C to +60°C storage)

  • Size and weight

    210 mm W x 240 mm D x 65 mm H (including rear connectors);
    1.8 kg

Options :

  • Codan NGT AR/NGT ASR/NGT SR with Option F
  • Codan NGT Remote Control System

Accessories :

  • Vehicle mounting cradle
  • Cables and adaptors
  • UUPlus Email for HF Client Software
  • Uuplus Email for HF Server Software
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