Codan offers a complete range of battery chargers that can be used with all battery types.

Key Features :

  • AC and DC low noise battery chargers

    With the AC-DC 3121 and DC-DC 3122 chargers you can charge a battery that is connected to a 2110 manpack via its front panel input - even while you’re using the transceiver.

  • Fast AC battery Charger

    Codan’s fast AC 3123 Battery Charger charges the battery directly and 3x faster than the low noise types, although it can’t be charged via the transceivers front panel.

  • Hand-powered battery charger

    For charging in the field, Codan offers a portable hand-powered battery charger that is compact, lightweight and robust.

  • Solar battery charger

    Codan’s solar battery charger is lightweight, weatherproof and UV resistant, and it uses solid-state, thin film solar technology for charging on-the-go.

Product Specifications
  • Voltage

    Input voltage: 90 V AC to 264 V AC 50/60 Hz (3121)
    12 to 60 V DC (3122)
    Output voltage: 15.5 DC

  • Current

    1 A DC maximum

  • Operating temperature

    0 to +40°C

  • Storage temperature

    –30°C to +40°C

  • Connector

    Detachable output leads for charging via 2110 front panel connector or battery connector
    Detachable input leads allowing for selection of input source
    (AC or DC)

  • Dimensions

    80 mm W x 160 mm D x 30 mm H

  • Weight

    3121 0.5 kg
    3122 0.4 kg

  • Case material

    ABS plastic

  • Colour


  • Approvals

    CE, C-tick

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