High Power Amplifiers

Codan's Power Amplifiers are reliable, affordable and designed to be used with our NGT transceivers. The 3061 provides 500 W; the 3062 delivers 1 kW PEP output power; and both are ideal for voice and data operation.

Key Features :

  • NGT transceiver interface

    Codan’s NGT transceivers provide you with a simple interface to control and operate the Power Amplifiers.

  • Continuous mode operation

    The amplifiers are rated for 100% continuous operation in all modes for either voice or data applications.

  • High efficiency

    Advanced switched mode power supplies maximise efficiency of the amplifiers and reduce heat.

  • Protection and backup

    Codan’s Power Amplifiers are fully protected against all load conditions and excessive heat sink temperatures.

  • Antenna tuner interface

    The amplifiers provide an interface to control an external antenna tuner or coupler.

  • Amplifier cooling

    Amplifier cooling

    For increased reliability and durability, fans are thermostatically controlled and operate on two speeds depending on the heatsink temperature.

  • Rack mounting

    Both amplifiers and associated power supply units can be used in 19" rack mount configurations and are 5RU high.

Product Specifications
  • RF power output

    Type 3061: 500W PEP ±1 dB, 300W average
    Type 3062: 1 kW PEP ±1 dB, 600W average

  • Frequency range

    1.6 to 30 MHz

  • Input/output impedance

    50 Ω

  • Operating temperature

    –10 to +60°C

  • Duty cycle

    100%: normal speech over full temperature range
    100%: all modes up to maximum ambient of 45°C

  • Power supply

    100–240 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz single phase

  • Power consumption

    Type 3061: 800 VA (two-tone), 900 VA maximum
    Type 3062: 1.6 kVA (two-tone), 1.8 kVA maximum

  • Protection

    Safe under all load conditions
    Bypass to 125W PEP from transceiver in the event of excess
    VSWR, excess heatsink temperature & internal fault conditions

  • Spurious and harmonic emissions

    Better than 60 dB below PEP

  • Intermodulation distortion

    Better than 32 dB below PEP

  • Cooling

    Fan forced front panel exhaust
    Thermostatically controlled dual speed

  • Size

    Amplifier (5RU 19" rack): 22.2 x 48.3 x 41.0 cm (H x W x D)
    Power supply (5RU 19" rack): 22.2 x 48.3 x 41.0 cm (H x W x D)

  • Weight

    Type 3061: 15.4 kg, Power supply: 6.7 kg
    Type 3062: 23.6 kg, Power supply: 10.0 kg

Options :

  • Standard Rack Configurations (27 RU freestanding 19" cabinets)
  • Earth Braid (1.5 m)
  • Cables