NGT CR (China)

Codan's NGT CR is the ideal solution to meet your voice communication needs for base and vehicle applications – all in a single cost effective unit. It’s easy to use with an innovative, mobile phone-like handset and features a comprehensive Chinese user interface. Plus with Codan’s Easitalk®, you’re sure to enjoy clear communications.

Key Features :

  • Innovative handset

    Managing and operating your networks has never been easier or more efficient. With Codan’s simple yet advanced NGT CR handset you can access and program all features, functions and hotkeys – in Chinese.

  • Marine emergency tone call

    The NGT CR has a marine emergency calling facility. A two tone distress signal can be sent on the marine distress frequency of 2182 kHz.

  • Multiple channels

    The NGT CR provides up to 100 channels.

  • Easy installation

    Codan’s NGT CR is small, convenient to mount, and easy to install in fixed and mobile environments.

  • Smart monitoring

    While the radio is muted you can monitor a variety of channels, and calls can be received on any of the scanned channels.

  • High dynamic range Rx

    The high dynamic range of the NGT receiver provides better reception in harsh conditions.

  • Easitalk®

    Easitalk® is a Digital Signal Processor that minimises interference and reduces noise to provide the clearest communications of any available HF transceiver.

  • Calling facilities

    The NGT CR comes standard with selective calling and optionally supports phone calling, and remote diagnostics and configuration.

  • ALE

    ALE is available as an option to automatically select the best channel, at any time of the day and from the moment the transceiver is switched on.

  • Rugged and reliable

    As with all Codan equipment, the NGT CR series transceiver is a rugged and reliable unit that thrives in extreme conditions, and comes with a full three year warranty.

Product Specifications
  • Frequency range

    Transmit: 1.6–30 MHz
    Receive: 0.25 to 30 MHz

  • Channel capacity

    100 channels

  • Operating mode

    Single sideband (J3E, USB)

  • Transmitting power

    125 watts PEP

  • Primary voltage

    12 V DC nominal, negative earth

  • Primary power

    Receive: 0.7 A (no signal)
    Transmit: 6 A (J3E voice)
    10–14 A (J3E two-tone)

  • Temperature

    –30°C to +60°C

  • Size and weight

    2011 RF Unit: 210 mm W 270 mm D x 65 mm H; 3.3 kg
    2020 Handset: 65 mm W x 35 mm D x 130 mm H; 0.3 kg

  • ALE link quality data

    24 hours of up to 100 stations and 100 channels using a total of 72675 discrete sets of LQA data

  • ALE link quality data resolution

    Local: 8 bits SINAD, 8 bits BER
    Remote: 5 bits SINAD, 5 bits BER

  • Dust

    MIL-STD-810F method 510.4

  • Vibration

    MIL-STD-810F method 514.5

  • Shock

    MIL-STD-810F method 516.5

  • GPS interface

    NMEA-0183 (4800 baud, RS232)

Options :

  • NGT Desk Console for base station use
  • Voice Encryptor
  • GPS Interface