NGT Remote Control

A Codan NGT Remote Control System (NRCS) is a clever way to achieve clear and reliable communication when your transceiver site is located in an area affected by electrical interference. Clearer communication is achieved by relocating the NGT HF transceiver and antenna system to an area with little or no electrical interference. Using an NRCS, the transceiver can be operated from a convenient location such as an office or workplace.

Key Features :

  • Simple to use

    With an NRCS you can operate an NGT transceiver as if it were right in front of you. All transceiver operations are available via the user-friendly NGT desk console, which consists of a junction box, NGT handset and speaker.

  • Single leased line

    By using the latest in digital voice technology, the NRCS can operate with only a single 2-wire leased line.

  • Rugged and reliable

    As with all Codan equipment, the NRCS is a rugged and reliable system that thrives in extreme conditions, and comes with a full three year warranty.

  • System flexibility

    With suitable Codan auxiliary equipment, this system supports GPS tracking systems, data communication and radio-telephone interconnect.

  • Line equalisation

    The NRCS includes a vendor line modem, which uses proven data modem technology, and like Codan products offers exceptional reliability.

Product Specifications

Options :

  • 19" Rack-mounting Frame
  • 6-way Phone, Phone Plug Adaptor Modular, CIB interface, and Data Interface cables
  • 4-wire Interface for Master and Slave site
  • 2-wire (factory and retro fit)