NGT Split-site

The Codan NGT Split-site Remote Control System provides options to ensure clear and reliable communication, in situations where your control location is affected by electrical interference or limited by building constraints. With these options, you can split control, transmit and receive functions of an HF radio system into one of three basic configurations:

  • NGT remote split-site transmitter and receiver system
  • NGT remote transceiver system
  • NGT master transmitter, remote receiver system

Key Features :

  • Simple to use

    With suitable antennas and power supplies, the system provides all control operations seamlessly via the user-friendly NGT handset or the optional desk console.

  • Single leased line

    A single 2-wire leased line can be used to connect a slave remote site to the master control site of distances up to 35 km apart.

  • VHF/UHF radio and microwave links

    The system can also operate with a 4-wire interface, which enables analogue VHF/UHF radio or microwave links to be used to connect the master and remote site.

  • Rugged and reliable

    As with all Codan equipment, the NGT Split-site remote control system is a rugged and reliable system that thrives in extreme conditions, and comes with a full three year warranty.

  • System flexibility

    With suitable Codan auxiliary equipment, this system supports GPS tracking systems, data communication and radio-telephone interconnect.

  • Line equalisation

    The Codan NGT Split-site System seamlessly compensates for line characteristics, making installation a breeze.

Product Specifications
  • Line loss

    Each line in a system can be up to 35 km of 0.64 mm PIUT (copper conductor)
    The system will operate on standard grade lines
    Lines and radio links must be full duplex

  • Frequency response

    400 Hz – 2.5 kHz ±3 dB

  • Noise

    Signal/Noise better than 45 dB (excludes line/radio link noise)

  • Signalling

    1070/1270 Hz FSK (part Bell 103) 500 baud
    Revertive by command echo and verification
    300 Hz control used with signalling and for PTT

  • Power

    11 to 16 V DC (12 V nominal) 200 mA, or
    22 to 32 V DC (24 V nominal) 100 mA

  • AUSTEL Permit Number


  • Operating temperature

    –30°C to +60°C

  • Size and weight

    2011 RF Unit: 210 mm W 270 mm D x 65 mm H; 3.3 kg

Options :

  • 19" Rack-mounting Frame
  • 6-way Phone, Phone Plug Adaptor Modular, CIB interface, and Data Interface cables
  • 4-wire Interface for Master and Slave site
  • 2-wire (factory and retro fit)