Terminated Folded Dipole Antenna
  • Performance

    The Code 411 Terminated Folded Dipole Antenna provides excellent performance for short to medium distance HF communications. The antenna is offered in a range of lengths to suit installation requirements. The antenna can be optimised for Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) propagation by utilising the inverted V configuration or adjusting the installed height above ground.

  • Antenna model

    The antenna model should be selected to suit the application depending on the required power rating and the amount of space to install the antenna. As a general rule the radiation efficiency of the antenna will increase with antenna length so this should be considered when choosing the length variant.

  • Easy to install

    The antenna is supplied completely assembled and ready for installation. Installation hardware includes 60 m of high quality UV resistant rope and pulley as well as easy to understand installation instructions. A range of coaxial cable lengths and types are available but are ordered separately. Codan also has a large range of mast options that are suitable for use with the Code 411 Antenna.

  • Flexible design

  • 150 or 1000 W

  • Rated for data

The Terminated Folded Dipole is a broadband antenna designed for fixed station, multi-frequency applications. The antenna can be mounted horizontally between two support systems, or as an inverted 'Vee' using a single central support mast.

Product Specifications
  • Frequency range

    2 to 30 MHz

  • Connector

    UHF type socket

  • Input impedance

    50 ohm

  • VSWR

    Less than 2.1

  • Power rating

    150 W PEP, 100 W CW
    1000 W PEP, 600 W CW

Accessories :

  • 30 m RG58 Coaxial Cable
  • 100 m low loss RG213 Coaxial Cable
  • RG213 Strain Relief Hardware
  • In-line Lightning Arrestor
  • Spare waterproof UHF plug
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