Voltage Regulator

The 15-00508 Voltage Regulator operates in a 24 V DC automotive electrical system providing a safe 12 V output for 12 V equipment. It is a low noise voltage regulator designed for use with sensitive radio communications equipment. The maximum output is 20 Amps. The conversion efficiency at full load is more than 90%.

Key Features :

  • Protection

    The Voltage Regulator is not harmed by voltage spikes, continuous overload, short circuit or any incorrect connection. In the event of an overload or short circuit, the regulator will reduce output voltage or switch off, resetting automatically when the overload or short
    is removed.
    The load is protected by an independent overvoltage protection circuit. All protection is fully electronic and does not rely on relays or a fuse.
    The internal electronics are fully potted in silicone to protect against water and dust ingress as well as vibration and shock.
    NOTE: This product is not designed to be used as a battery charger.

Product Specifications
  • Connectors

    Male connector:

    Red 24 V Input
    Black negative ground

  • Female connector:

    Red 12 V Output
    Black negative ground (this wire must be grounded)

  • Cooling

    The unit should be mounted in a cool sheltered location. If it is to be operated at or near its full rating, it should be mounted vertically with a free flow of air.

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