Liberator® KDZ Locomotive Starting Batteries

Designed for 180-day Watering Intervals. Type KDZ-501 features proven reliability and performance for excellent cranking capacity to meet the requirements of railroads Type KDZ-651 delivers the power you’ll need, no matter what the conditions.



16-Cell Tray


  • High-impact polyethylene container and cover

Individual Cells


  • Heat-sealed, high-impact polypropylene jar and cover
  • EPDM rubber grommet post seal

Specific Gravity (nominal) Fully Charged


  • 1.250 at 77 F (25 C)



  • Copper cored



  • Microporous polyethylene material

Electrolyte Reserve (nominal)


  • 3.15" above plates

Inter-Cell and Inter-Tray Connectors


  • Insulated flexible cable

Positive Plates


  • Low Antimony (4.5%) alloyed lead grids

Negative Plates


  • Low Antimony (3.2%) alloyed lead grids

Plate Retainers


  • Horizontally wrapped glass mat
  • Folded perforated envelope
  • Molded plastic bottom plate shield


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