Tubular-HP® Cells

High performance flooded tubular-plate battery cells designed to deliver more power than equivalent dimension flooded flat-plate battery cells.

GNB® Industrial Power makes flooded battery cells with tubular-plates that are the most widely used type in the world.  We have been manufacturing and marketing tubular cells throughout Europe for several decades and in North America since 2001.  We provide these cells to companies who place them into trays and make batteries for underground mining equipment.


The tubular-plate technology enables these batteries to deliver a larger amount of consistent, reliable power than flat-plate batteries of equal size.  They are engineered to deliver increased power and efficiency while maximizing battery life.  As a result, users can experience longer run times resulting in fewer battery changeouts and improved productivity.  The tubular-plate batteries have found a broad audience among users who have heavy-duty applications.


  • Available in 100 and 140 Ahr positive plate sizes that result in battery heights of 22.63" (typical 85 Ahr jar size) and 30.5" (typical 125 Ahr jar size), respectively
  • The worlds' most widely used flooded lead-acid battery cell design
  • Designed to deliver more consistent, reliable power than equivalent volume flat-plate battery cells by using round tubular positive plate technology