2020 Email Fax & Data System

    The Barrett 2020 HF data system provides internet email connectivity and fax services to and between remote sites located up to 2500 km from traditional telecommunications services using free to air HF radio as the transmission medium.

    The 2020 system is simple to install and easy to use. To the end user, the HF system is transparent; emails are sent and received via the users own and familiar mail client software such as MS Outlook, Lotus Notes or any other common email program.

    For the system administrator, a variety of automatic linking options and a link scheduler all fully interoperable with MIL-STD 188 141B ALE and CCIR selective calling protocols are provided to achieve a comprehensive and automated HF email network solution.


Technical Specifications For This Product
    • 2023/2024 HF fax & data modems: Data protocol clover 2000 - An adaptive high speed selective ARQ repeat modulation for 100% error free data transmission
    • Data transfer rate: Up to 14400 bps error corrected, compressed (2020 only). Based on average to good link quality and file compressibility
    • Modulation modes: BPSM 2 phase, 500 bps QPSM 4 phase, 1000 bps 8PSM 8 phase, 1500 bps 8P2A 8 phase, 2 amplitude, 2000 bps 16P4A 16 phase, 4 amplitude, 3000 bps
    • CCIR Emission: 2k0H J2 DEN or 2k0H BEN <2:1 SWR
    • Required Bandwidth: 2000 (at 6dB)
    • Minimum S/N for data transfer: -3dB
    • PC / Transceiver Interface: RS232 data rate 9600 Baud (up to 57,600 bps max)
    • Current consumption: 400 mA standby (2023), 700 mA standby (2024)
    • Operating temperature: -15°C to +55°C (-40°C to +60°C storage)
    • Controls: On/Off power switch
    • Indicators: Front power LED, rear six modem status LEDs
    • Connectors: DB-25 female to transceiver DB-9 male to computer, RJ-45 to fax machine (2024 only)
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