Rapid Deployment Broadband Dipole HF Antenna - 150 W

    The Barrett Rapid Deployment Broadband Dipole Antenna is a dipole antenna with loading to allow broadband operation. It will operate continuously across the band from 2-30 MHz. The power rating is 150 W PEP. Throwing cords are provided that can be used to elevate the antenna or to secure to the ground. The antenna can be used in a number of congurations (see over), depending on the structures available for elevation. Compatible Barrett masts include, 10m Rapid Deployment Mast (P/N 2090-02-21), 10m Rapid Deployment Composite Mast (P/N 2090-02-24) and 5m Rapid Deployment Mast (P/N 2090-02-04). This antenna is most suitable for HF radio manpack and temporary base station deployment. This guide will indicate the recommended deployment type for each conguration with these symbols.


Technical Specifications For This Product
    • Frequency Range 2 - 30 MHz
    • Input Impedance 50 ohms
    • ower Rating 150 W PEP
    • Connector UHF female with BNC adaptor
    • Radiation Pattern Essentially Omni-Directional (when mounted as an inverted-V)
    • Material Kevlar core, copper braid, pvc sheath, UV Stablized Re-inforced Nylon housings
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