4049 Automatic Tuning

    The main antenna body has RF and control connectors. The 4049 is supplied as standard with a 6 metre composite RF control cable. A 10 metre RF control cable is available as an optional accessory as in an extension (P/N 4019-00-05) adapter kit (P/N A ). BC 401914 The Barrett 4049 is supplied with a two piece fibreglass MILSTD whip and spring. An optional NVIS Kit (P/N 2019 10) -01- is available in the form a single flexible whip section of 3.5metres . (see over) Due to its rugged RF design, the Barrett 4049 antenna can be used with high duty cycle applications such as HF Data.


Technical Specifications For This Product
    • 1.5 - 30 MHZ Tuning Range
    • 150 W ( oice and Data)
    • Internal GPS
    • ALE 2G/3G Compatible
    • Memory Tune (100 ms
    • Mil-STD 810G
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