912 Broadband Base Station Antennas

    The Barrett 912 series of broadband base station antennas are designed for use in either an inverted “V” configuration, using a single mast, or a standard dipole configuration, between two masts.In the inverted “V” configuration the 912 provides a more omni directional radiation pattern. All broadband antennas in the series are designed to provide optimum performance over a wide HF spectrum, without the need for antenna tuners. Using high quality stainless steel and glass reinforced composites the 912 series of broadband antennas are lightweight and corrosion resistant, but are able to withstand wind speeds in excess of 200 km/h.The antennas are supplied complete with an inverted “V” mounting harness, 30 metres of coaxial cable and high quality waterproof connectors..


Technical Specifications For This Product
    • 1x Antenna Assembly
    • 1x coaxial cable
    • 10m Mast with nylon guys (P/N BC90205/FR/PR)/li>
    • 10m Mast with stainless steel guys (P/N BC902906/FR/PR)
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