4077 HF Map & Track

    Monitoring the position of mobile assets is critical to their effective management in both marine and land mobile environments. The Barrett 4077 HF Map & Track solution provides situational awareness for commercial, non-government and government agencies alike, including fishing fleets, long distance haulage, emergency response including police and defence force deployments. When paired with a Barrett 4050 HF SDR Transceiver, the Barrett 4077 HF Map & Track system effectively eliminates the field operator’s need to manually send GPS transmissions. The Barrett 4050’s “GPS Push” option automates multiple channel encrypted GPS transmissions and the Barrett 4077 Map & Track system displays the received position and track history on down-loadable multi-level mapping software.


Technical Specifications For This Product
    • Live Asset Tracking over HF Radio
    • Viewable Tracking History and Playback
    • Downloadable Maps
    • Optimised Operator Interface
    • Automated GPS Transmission & Receipt
    • Definable Geofencing Zones
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