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    The 917 series unloaded marine whip antennas are designed to operate in all marine bands from 2 to 30MHz. Manufactured from heavy gauge aluminium tubing with a polymer coating or fibreglass with a rugged coating for marine and UV protection, they offer a large, low loss radiating surface. All fittings are manufactured from nylon, stainless steel and chromed bronze. 917 whip antennas are supplied in a range of sizes and mounting configurations to suit differing types and sizes of vessels. BC91710: 3.6 metre marine swing down whip antenna Is a 3.6 metre whip suitable for smaller vessels, particularly high speed craft. is supplied complete with a swing-down base fitting. It stainless steel BC91711: metre two piece marine side mount whip antenna 6 Is a 6 metre whip suitable for vessels over 10 metres in length. The whip is supplied in two sections which screw together on a self locking taper. Also included are side-mount insulators for mounting against a vertical structure. BC91712: 8.1 metre high efficiency marine side mounted whip antenna I w s an 8.1 metre whip suitable for large vessels, the hip is supplied in t sections and is supplied complete with side-mount insulators for wo mounting against a vertical structure. BC91713: 10 metre GMDSS high power whip Is a 10 metre, GMDSS standard, base mounted whip suitable for large vessels. It is designed for professional use and can withstand wind speeds of up to 2 0 ph without permanent deformation.


Technical Specifications For This Product
    • Frequency range 2 MHz to 30 MHz
    • Radiation Pattern Omnidirectional
    • Polarisation Vertical
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