2061 HF Phone Patch

    The Barrett 2061 HF phone patch provides an interface between an HF network and the International telephone network, allowing HF stations to be connected to telephone subscribers and vice versa. The Barrett 2061 uses a unique adaptive hybrid to convert the four-wire audio from the transceiver to two-wire audio for the phone line. An adaptable hybrid, implemented with digital signal processing (DSP), provides continually recalculated isolation between the off air HF signal and the telephone user, producing a reliable VOX signal (Voice Operated Xmit (transmit)) to key the transmitter when the telephone subscriber's voice is present. DSP based automatic adaptive hybrid that balances the telephone line continually with no adjustments, eliminating oscillation in full duplex circuits, false VOX tripping and time consuming setup. The 2061 is packaged in a 2000 series enclosure and is designed for direct interface via our standard bus cable to the Barrett 2050 transceiver. It can however, be interfaced to other suitable HF transceivers..


Technical Specifications For This Product
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Designed for full-duplex, half duplex, or simplex operation
  • Compact desk-top package
  • Built-in speaker with volume control to monitor call progress
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