The development of the Radio Mailbox is based on the increasing HF demand for users to be able to communicate from wherever they are, including isolated locations connected only by radio, using HF the existing email client i.e. Outlook on their personal device, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop, in much the same way as they can use the WiFi in their own office.
    The mailbox acts as an Internet Gateway and provides a seamless portal to and from the Internet and radio network. HF The Radio Mailbox provides direct and end to end mail HF synchronization over . No external computers or controllers HF radio are required over the or WiFi connection.
    LAN Remote Control and Configuration Management affords network managers the ability to add/drop stations using (over the air OTAR re-programming) without having to configure individual stations


Technical Specifications For This Product
    • Seamless operation with smart phone and tablet mail apps including Exchange, Outlook, Apple Mail, and Gmail
    • Compatible with Android, IOS and Microsoft platforms.
    • No additional user training – no different tosending an email from your phone, tablet, or laptop
    • Data Encryption and enhanced Link Security.
    • Priority and Emergency Messaging feature.
    • Fully automated link setup for Radio HF circuits.
    • Up to 19.2Kbps effective throughput rates*
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