The Barrett 4075 high power HF Transmitter is a compact rack mounted communications solution developed for base station applications in large HF networks. It can be supplied in 1kW and 500 W versions. The transmitter comes as a complete package with an exciter, power supply, power amplifier, interconnecting cables and all required rack mount hardware.The 4075 linear amplifier is designed and engineered for modern communications which are heavily data orientated, requiring the equipment to work at high duty cycles for extended periods of time. The unique liquid cooled design increases cooling efficiency resulting in less system deterioration due to overheating in the power stages, extending overall equipment service life.


Technical Specifications For This Product
    • Liquid cooled linear amplifier
    • 1.6 – 30 MHz continuous coverage
    • 1 kW or 500 W continuous duty cycle (100%)
    • USB, LSB (SSB), CW, FSK, AM
    • Remote control via IP and WiFi
    • Compatible with existing 4 & 6 digital
    • selective calling radio networks
    • 2G & 3G Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) options
    • Field re-programmable via USB
    • ED-137C Interoperability Standard
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