977 HF tracking system

    The Barrett 977 HF tracking system is an automatic vehicle locating and tracking package which utilises the Global Positioning System (GPS) and an HF network consisting of a central control station and mobiles.

    The 977 computer based tracking system, located at the control station, automatically polls vehicles or vessels within the HF network, retrieving their position using a standard Selcall format based on CCIR493-2.

    The position of the vehicle or vessel being tracked is then displayed on a computer based map.

    The control station consists of a PC loaded with the Barrett 977 HF vehicle tracking software connected to a Barrett 2050 transceiver. Vehicles or vessels to be tracked are fitted with a Barrett 2050 transceiver equipped with an optional GPS receiver either installed externally or within the 2019 Automatic tuning mobile Antenna


Technical Specifications For This Product
    • Reports alarm conditions
    • Alerts when vehicle or vessel approach no go zones
    • Vehicle or vessel positions recorded
    • Vehicle or vessel information
    • Waypoint information
    • Telemetry
    • Current position and tracks
    • Simple map input
    • Excellent position accuracy
    • Access to transceiver functions
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