Key Benefits

Highly modular and designed to improve your business communication workflow – The new KX-NCP is an ideal communication system that solves many of your business communication needs today. With intelligent call routing and call centre functionality, together with integral desktop productivity applications, the KX-NCP enables businesses to effectively reach, serve and retain your customers. These new platforms are packed with features and applications that can enhance your business productivity. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Converged Network Platform to enable businesses to implement Unified Communications
  • Integrated SIP telephony via SIP Trunking Providers
  • Built-in support for Advanced IP extensions
  • IP Phones and Softphones for Remote Workers and Remote Offices
  • Desktop, Network, & Business Application Integration
  • Built-in Voice Messaging and DISA functionality
  • Messaging solution using optional KX-TVM50 and TVM200 voice processing systems
  • Mobility application supporting mobile phones as office extensions
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Centralised Management & Upgrades
  • Your Investment - Protected

    The KX-NCP systems are designed to be modular, extendable and flexible in both technology and the business application solutions it provides. Convergence ready, the system can even leverage existing investments in digital extensions and ISDN trunks. It is designed with network based communication applications that, when enabled, provide quick return on investment and peace of mind. Future-proof design and open standards based architecture means that customers can be assured that their investments are protected now and well into the future.

    An Affordable System that Adds Value to Your Business

    The KX-NCP system is extremely cost effective. As an example, Mobile integration can help businesses manage their business hours and employee availability using "one number" to reach employees who remain mobile, while still be aware of mobile employee&s availability and presence.


    The reliability of the KX-NCP system is assured by rigorous quality control and testing before the system leaves the factory, guaranteeing you piece of mind. The KX-NCP system is also designed for quick and easy maintenance to help keep any potential downtime to an absolute minimum.

    Networking Features

    From manufacturing process to power consumption, the KX-NCP system is designed to be environmentally friendly, helping you reduce your energy consumption. Mobile integration, multi-site networking and collaboration tools can potentially further assist your company to reduce your overall carbon footprint by helping to reduce travel costs.

    Multisite Networking for Flexible Communications

    The KX-NCP leverage the latest digital networking, Voice over IP (VoIP) and SIP technologies to cost effectively handle intra-office, multi-site and long distance communications over converged voice and data networks. With the KX-NCP system, customers can manage both stand-alone or networked systems connected via an IP network from any location.

    SIP Networking

    Using the built-in SIP trunking interface, businesses now have the ability to connect the NCP Communication Systems to the growing list of SIP based Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) to achieve low-cost VoIP calls over managed broadband IP networks.

    Packed with Call Centre Features

    Whatever the size of your company, efficient and courteous handling of telephone calls is a major factor to successful business. Panasonic provides multiple solutions for small to medium Call Centres, to help control and make use of the limited resources that may be available. The following call centre features are integrated into the KX-NCP so that, together with built-in Communication Assistant desktop productivity applications, it can solve most informal call centre business needs.