IP Proprietary Telephone: KX-NT321
  • 1-line display*
  • 8 flexible CO buttons
  • Digital Speakerphone
  • 2 Ethernet ports (100 Base-T)
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), US model : backlit type
  • Product Specifications
    LCD 16 Characters x1 Line
    CO keys 8
    Self Labelling No
    CODEC *3 G.729A, G.711, G.722
    SP Phone Yes
    2nd Ethernet Port (For PC) Yes
    LCD Backlight No
    Handset Volume Control 4 Levels Electric vol.
    SP-Phone (Monitor) Volume Control 12 Levels Electric vol.
    Ringer Volume Control 4 Levels Electric vol.+ Off position
    Power Supply AC Adaptor, and Power over Ethernet (Power over LANTM (IEEE802.3af Class2)compliant)
    LCD Contrast Control 3 Levels
    Message/Ringer Lamp Yes *5
    Whisper OHCA Yes
    Headset Jack (├ś2.5mm) Yes
    Auto Redial Yes *6
    Off-Hook Monitor Yes
    Handset/Headset Mic Mute Yes
    Speaker Phone Mic Mute Yes
    Phone Directory Yes
    Feature Access No
    (Out-going) Call Log Yes
    (In-coming) Call Log Yes
    Melody Ringer No
    Wall Mount Possible
    Peer-to-Peer Connection Yes
    Automatic rerouting to secondary PBX Yes
    VLAN Yes
    QoS DiffServ
    Max. Jitter Buffer Size 200 ms
    DHCP Client Yes
    Wideband CODEC Yes
    System Programming Yes
    Station Programming Yes
    Local Programming Yes
    Operating Temperatures 0-40 degree centigrade
    Option Unit Connention
    KX-NT303 Add-on 12 Key Module No
    KX-NT305 Add-on 60 Key Module *2 No
    KX-NT307 Bluetooth® Module No
    Optional AC Adaptor KX-A239
    Dimensions : W x D x H mm 175 x 210 x 129 (Low)
    175 x 188 x 148 (High)
    Weight : Kg 0.82 kg
      • *1 KX-NT366 is only available for KX-TDE100/KX-TDE200.
      • *2 KX-NT305 is only available for KX-TDE100/KX-TDE200.
      • *3 G.722 is only available for KX-TDE100/KX-TDE200.
      • *4 Dual-coloured LED (Green & Red)
      • *5 Single coloured LED (Red)
      • *6 Auto Redial feature is available on digital CO.