Easy Migration to VoIP (IP / IP Telephony)

Designed to support convergence via modular architecture, this IP-enabled system facilitates a smooth migration towards VoIP, allowing voice and data communication to function harmoniously within the same network, assuring additional flexibility in the future.

Voice Mail Integration

Optional Cards (ESVM) provide added message recording and outgoing message handling capabilities that help ensure calls from your customers routed through properly and are always answered or processed gracefully.

Multi-Cell Wireless Integration

Extension line phones can be made wireless. The multi-cell DECT Wireless System enables the office building to become a single call zone. Since calls can be made while working away from the desk, this contributes to improved productivity.

Cost-effective Performance

The systems include various functions to support cost reductions.

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (H.323)
  • ISDN capability (BRI / PRI) - QSIG digital networking allows basic call handling, closed numbering routing, and CLIP / COLP / CLIR / COLR
  • Automatic Route Selection (ARS) / Toll Restriction Services (TRS)
  • Reliable networking via T1 / E1, E&M